My Story

My journey in the world of aesthetics started with an interest in skincare and non-surgical treatments. I am fascinated by the results that can be achieved through non-surgical treatments and effective skincare and the positive effects it can have on the individual.  I recognise the importance of understanding the individual and feel strongly that treatments should enhance the natural you and must be delivered safely and ethically.

My key priority is your safety and I have undertaken extensive aesthetic training and I am passionate about continually improving and advancing my practice.  I am trained to deal with complications and also have trained in Basic Life Support including Anaphylaxis.  I am committed to continuous learning and I am currently studying and advanced diploma, Level 7 Qualification for Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine to advance my practice.

As an experienced and registered pharmacist who is also an independent prescriber,  I set up the RejuvaPharm Clinic to realise my passion and utilise my knowledge to deliver safe and tailored treatments that enhance your natural beauty, whilst ensuring your physical and psychological wellbeing.  

I understand that making the decision to have non-surgical treatments and choosing the skincare that is effective for your skincan be stressful and confusing .  At RejuvaPharm Clinic, you can be asssured that you will never be pressured you into any treatment and we aim to set realistic goals together.  We only offer treatments and skincare that is proven to achieve results and will ensure a bespoke plan and look after the whole you.  

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and delivering your aesthetic goals.

‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it' 

I am a registered pharmacist with over fifteen years professional pharmacy experience. My experience spans a variety of areas within the private and NHS sectors.  I have worked in the community sector as a pharmacist manager and in NHS hospitals within clinical oncology, clinical trials and surgical head and neck specialities.


I have a specialist interest in research and ethics and hold a vounteer Expert Member post within a Research and Ethics Committee (REC) at the Health Research Authority (HRA).


As an experienced clinical and research pharmacist , I have expert knowledge in pharmaceuticals, optimising treatments and recognising and minimising risks to patients. 


Additionally as a presciber, I provide thorough consultations to address your concerns and assess your medical history.  I am fully insured and trained in dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments and pride myself in providing expert knowledge and delivering treatments safely and with precision.


I am currently advancing my practice through the Level 7 Qualification for Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine as part of my commitment to continuing professional development, performing treatments with high level of skill and mastery and importantly to ensure excellence for all my patients.


I also work alongside other medical experts and will refer complex cases where appropriate.

Safety & Ethics

Your safety is our priority

Following a thorough and confidential consultation, treatments are offered based on a mutually agreed treatment plan that is personalised to meet your aesthetic goals.

As part of our ongoing dedication to individual safety and well being, there may be occasions where treatment cannot be offered or you may be referred to an appropriate medical expert.

We welcome your feedback and strive to continually improve.

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Quality Products

We only use high quality, FDA/\MHRA approved dermal fillers and UK licenced anti-wrinkle products. We source our products from reputable companies and aim to stay up to date with the latest products and treatments.

Professional Excellence

We strive to achieve excellent patient care and continually update and improve our knowledge to ensure safe and effective aesthetic outcomes.

SaveFace is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and is recognised by the government, the Department of Health and NHS England. We are currently working towards the SaveFace standards to achieve accreditation.

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